Hi, I'm Remy.

Cancer Survivor | Athlete | Yogi | Adventurer |

Growth Influencer | PHOTOGRAPHER!

Born in Memphis, TN, I always had aspirations to see the world and capture every precious moment I could. I would lay out in the back of my dad's truck and stare at the stars in the sky, and marvel over the airplanes and where they could be going. I wanted that freedom that was out there. I wanted that adventure. I wanted to explore the world! I've always enjoyed many of my talents, but one in particular felt really good to do. Photography! To be able to put all my creative juices together and create a beautiful image, always gave me a rush. I started doing photography in 2020. Since, I've invested a lot of time, money, and dedication to becoming better at one of my favorite passions. I love the idea of creating from nothing! I believe that we are made in God's image, and part of that image is the ability to create. He's the ultimate creator, and I feel that when we create, we are using God's power. So let's create together and continue to change the world!

Peace, love, prosperity, and growth to you my friends.